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The Exchange

Age Number of Participants Administration Type
18 and older 12-32 participants Simulation
Facilitation Time Qualification Level Format(s)
2-2.5 hours B-Level or Certification In-Person
Partner with
Change Style Indicator
Influence Style Indicator
Decision Style Profile


The Exchange® challenges participants to work together within an environment of complex data, ambiguity and time pressure. Each participant is a member of a team that earns points by trading Combos. The Combos are formed by assembling colored medallions into predefined groupings. The Combos have an initial value as well as emerging values and liabilities. The assignment is to collect as many points as possible by trading Combos over four trading sessions. To succeed participants must engage in critical thinking, work effectively with their colleagues, mine available data, recognize emerging trends, maintain flexibility and act decisively. For years DLI’s experiential learning activities have been used by sophisticated facilitators to create situations where participants can become better leaders and The Exchange is the next step in this direction.


Certification is required prior to purchasing this simulation. Certification can be purchased by clicking pricing and purchasing above or contacting your consultant. Find your consultant here.


  • Creates awareness of team’s biases toward reactive versus innovative change
  • Reveals a group’s ability to work effectively in a dynamic and evolving environment
  • Highlights the need for efficient and effective decision-making processes
  • Examines the impact of risk and uncertainty on strategy and execution


Included in your certification is a facilitator guide, an online module and other facilitator resources you will need to run the simulation.