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The Attentional Interpersonal Attention Inventory (TAIS)
Scales and Forms

TAIS indentifies the environmental and interpersonal situations that increase a respondent's emotional arousal so that behavioral interventions can be tailored to improve performance. In business environments, TAIS is used for talent identification, performance appraisal, and performance development. TAIS can also be used as a coaching, teambuilding, succession planning, and management development tool where concentration skills and interpersonal characteristics are associated with performance metrics.

When a report is generated for the TAIS assessment, the respondent is compared to the test's normative sample and an additional job-related group such as engineers, sales managers, or CEOs. These comparison groups help present TAIS results in a way that is relevant to the respondent's performance arena.
Additionally, TAIS reports allow you to compare the results of two individuals who have each completed the assessment, offering suggestions for how differences in results could affect workplace interactions. TAIS reports can be generated in a number of different formats, allowing you to be sure the language of the report match the environment in which feedback will be delivered.

Scales and Forms

Attentional Variables 

  • Awareness
  • External Distractability
  • Internal Distractability
  • Analytical/Conceptual
  • Action/Focused
  • Reduced Flexibility 

Control Variables 

  • Information Processing
  • Orientation Toward Rules and Risk
  • Self-Confident
  • Self-Critical


Interpersonal Characteristics

  • Control
  • Physically Competitive
  • Decision-Making Style
  • Extroversion
  • Introversion
  • Expression of Ideas/Intellectually Competitive
  • Expression of Criticism and Anger
  • Expression of Support and Affection

Quick Facts

13 and older


Administration Time:
20 minutes

Qualification Level: