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Risk Type Compass

Overview:  Risk Type Compass

There is a potential for risk in almost everything we do; every decision we make at work or at home has some level of risk associated with it. To better understand how an individual, or team may approach risk, the Risk Type Compass may be used to provide a common language as it is an instrument that assesses the different ways in which individuals perceive risk. Based primarily on personality research, the Risk Type Compass uses aspects of an individual’s temperament to place them into one of eight risk propensity categories known as Risk Types. An individual’s Risk Type will give an indication of how an individual perceives risk, how much uncertainty they can cope with, and how they will react when unexpected events or outcomes occur.

 The applications are wide reaching, from individual, leadership and team development, to understanding how executive boards manage organizational risk, and to the financial and auditing industries where risk is part of their every day. Investors have also found that using this assessment with their clients helps them to better recommend investment portfolios that meet their client’s appetite for financial risk.

Quick facts

Age Range:
18 years or older

Administration Time:
10 - 20 minutes

Number of Items:
102 questions in total

How is the Risk Type Compass administered?
The tool is easily administered online through your Portal account. An invitation to take the test is sent to each respondent. Upon completion of the assessment, the tool evaluates the respondent’s Risk Type and Risk Attitude.

Qualification Level
B (North America only)

Certification required:
The Risk Type Compass Certification program is a one-day blended program, including online and instructor-led components. It is offered both virtually and in-person.

In the certification you will:

  • Take the Risk Type Compass assessment and get your own Personal Report
  • Understand the different risk types and the benefits and challenges associated with each type
  • Practice interpreting and giving feedback to others on their risk type

For more information on how you can get certified, please click the above request information button.

Report Options

Personal Report
The personal report is designed to give a comprehensive overview of an individual’s risk propensity by providing detailed information about their Risk Type, Risk Attitude and overall Risk Tolerance; and highlighting their capability for high risk decision making, or where risk aversion is essential. It can be used for individual or leadership development across any occupational domain and includes a comprehensive description of the individual’s Risk Type with graphic representation displaying their exact Risk Type positioning.

Investor Report and Financial Advisor Report
The Investor Report allows the investor to gain a better understanding their own risk taking preferences which help them make better decisions about financial products. The content of this report is very similar to the Personal Report, however, it has been tailored to the financial context. A Financial Advisor Report is included along with this report. This is a concise two page report that provides the Advisor with the client’s appetite for risk, enabling them to provide financial advice tailored to the client’s risk propensity.