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Pearman in Action


   About Pearman in Action

The Pearman in Action program equips you with the tools needed to facilitate interactive sessions, putting your clients’ Pearman Personality Integrator results into action. Developed by a leader in the field, this program provides tried and trusted leadership and team activities. Participants are guided through activities that help them become more aware of their personality preferences, demonstrated behaviors, and offers ways to deal with those differences effectively and productively. The kit includes facilitator guides and all components of the activities such as posters and cards.



Program Objectives

  • Create a shared foundation of personality type using the Pearman Personality Integrator model
  • Gain a deeper understanding of individual personality type and its connection to effective teams or leadership positions
  • Increase understanding of flexibility and its role in minimizing strain when natural preferences and demonstrated behaviors are misaligned
  • Powerful insights on team members’/leaders’ natural preferences, demonstrated behaviors, and flexibility when using Pearman results
  • An appreciation for the team dynamics that may be limiting performance and strategies for improving

Upon completion of this session, participants will: 

  • Understand the role their personality type plays in effective teams and leadership positions
  • Understand the key areas of their Pearman Personality Integrator report
  • Articulate strengths and areas that need further development for both leaders and teams
  • Articulate the ability to use flexibility to help decrease stress when natural preference and demonstrated behaviors are misaligned
  • Apply what they have learned in the interactive session by developing an action plan



About the Author: Hile Rutledge

Hile Rutledge is an experienced organization development consultant, trainer, executive coach, author, and public speaker with a background in management, sales, adult education and leadership development.

Hile’s primary area of expertise is the establishment and exercise of self-awareness leading to greater communication, decision making, leadership and team performance. Among the tools/approaches in which Hile specializes are the EQ-i 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence), the Pearman Personality Integrator, and generational cohort theory (using his book, Generation Translation). Hile has done extensive work with C-suite and senior leadership groups whose needs range from leadership development to team building, communications, coaching and feedback training, conflict management, and strategic planning.

During his career, Hile has found success in archaeology, public relations, sales management, career counseling and independent organization development consulting. Hile has a BA in Humanities from Hampden-Sydney College and a Master of Science in Organization Development from the American University (AU/NTL). Hile resides with his family in Falls Church, Virginia.