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The Emotionally Effective Leader


   About The Emotionally Effective Leader Workshop

The Emotionally Effective Leader Workshop is a comprehensive program that equips you with tools to facilitate an interactive one-day session, all in a digital format. With tried and trusted content created by a leader in the field, save time building a workshop and spend it focusing on your clients. Alternating between group activities and individual reflective exercises, this engaging workshop encourages leaders to focus on their leadership strengths and areas they can develop further. The facilitator kit includes a detailed facilitator guide, a PowerPoint slide deck, and a sample participant guide.

Leveraging results from leaders’ EQ-i 2.0® Leadership Reports, participants of this session will learn the importance of emotional intelligence in effective leadership and leave with a better understanding of his or her strengths and areas to develop to enhance their leadership skills, as well as an action plan on how to increase his or her effectiveness.



Program Objectives

• Increase participants' understanding of emotional intelligence and its role in effective leadership
• Create understanding of emotional intelligence using the EQ-i 2.0 model as a platform
Enable participants to identify specific areas in their own EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Reports and build an action plan to work on areas to develop further and leverage strengths

Upon completion of this session, participants will: 

• Understand the role of emotional intelligence in effective leadership
• Explore key areas of leadership in relation to emotional intelligence
• Understand the key elements of the EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Report
• Articulate strengths and areas with opportunity for growth
• Identify and understand how aspects of emotional intelligence leads to derailing behaviors
• Apply what they have learned in the session by developing a personal EQ-i 2.0 learning plan



About the Author: Drew Bird
Drew Bird is an established leadership and organization development practitioner with more than a decade of experience coaching leaders, developing programs, and creating solutions that generate results. He has experience working with leaders, coaches, consultants, and organizations of all sizes. With more than 25 years of experience working in and with some of the world’s most well-known organizations, Drew has experienced and witnessed first-hand the difference that effective leaders and effective leadership practices can have on an organization and the people within it.