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Emerging Leadership Profile

Age Number of Items Administration Type
18 and older 60 360o
Administration Time Qualification Level Format(s)
20 minutes B-level Online
Complementary Assessments
Change Style Indicator
Decision Style Profile


This leadership survey is an outgrowth of an extensive search for an appropriate tool for new or high-potential leaders. Research has led to the development of 60 items composed of 12 leadership skills and traits that influence a new leader’s effectiveness and establishes a foundation for personal growth. The 360o allows for participants including managers, peers and direct reports to provide feedback.


Certification or qualification is required prior to purchasing this assessment. Learn more about the certification or qualification process here.


  • Enables high potentials to learn how those who are important to their success see their performance
  • Compares self-perceptions to the perceptions of others
  • Identifies leaders’ strengths and developmental needs
  • Provides a starting point for further developmental planning


Included in your certification is a facilitator guide, PowerPoint slides, and other resources that allow you to run a workshop or training program using the assessment.