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EQ Leader

    The EQ Leader Program
    Dana Ackley, Ph.D.
    Description | Testimonials

    EQ Leader is an executive coaching tool for consultants to leverage emotional intelligence in client organizations.


    In the past, certified EQ-i practitioners looking to add emotional intelligence to their coaching repertoire sometimes spent hundreds of billable hours developing sales materials, making the case for emotional intelligence training, and inventing successful coaching exercises. Now, thanks to Dr. Ackley's experience, creating a complete, customized coaching program is just a click away.
    This model program for EQ skill development provides a step-by-step approach to integrating the fifteen factors of emotional intelligence with executive coaching. It provides comprehensive tools for:

    • Winning your audience
    • Mastering the EQ-i assessment and feedback process
    • Coaching and developing EQ in others
    • Marketing your program


    The EQ Leader Program comes with a CD that provides checklists, outlines, PowerPoint slides, handouts, and more, all in a format that can be edited to fit your style and approach.
    The 330-page manual and accompanying media contain:

    • A 58-page Keynote Seminar outline, PowerPoint slides, handouts, and references
    • An advanced EQ assessment process, including interview protocols to identify motivational factors for leaders
    • How-to guides for writing personalized reports that stimulate clients to action
    • A seminar outline that guides clients through creating individualized developmental plans, complete with PowerPoint slides and handouts
    • Menus of development exercises for each of the 15 skills measured by the EQ-i
    • Best-practice coaching processes
    • Suggestions for marketing EQ development services to clients


    Consultants using the program will improve their client's bottom line and add value to the organization through reliable methods for talent development, aligning leadership skills with company targets, and developing methods to improve marginal performers.
    This versatile program has been used by coaches around the world. Client organizations include Fortune 500 companies, major U.S. government agencies, healthcare systems, law enforcement, professional practices, and individual executive coaching clients.


    “The EQ Leader package is the best value-adding component you can add to your consulting and training repertoire.  Emotional intelligence is one of the single biggest contributors to leadership success (or the lack thereof), and the combination of the EQ-i instrument and the EQ Leader Program is by far the best set of tools for the consultant/trainer to use helping coach others to develop their EQ.  The combination of robust psychometrics and thoughtful consultation is simply without peer.” 

    Marc T. Frankel, Ph.D.
    Triangle Associates

    “I read Dana Ackley’s The EQ Leader Program cover to cover and have found it a rich resource of extremely practical material on emotional intelligence development for coaching, training, and consulting. One of the most helpful resources included in the manual are the ‘Strategies for Building EQ’ exercise handouts. My executive coaching clients love the brief explanation of the EQ competency that they have chosen to develop, and the clearly explained exercises that they can easily incorporate into an action plan.

    I teach for the College of Executive Coaching and am a member of numerous professional associations. If I were asked by my colleagues for one EQ resource, Dr. Ackley’s EQ Leader Program would be my highest recommendation.” 

    Maynard Brusman, Ph.D.
    Consulting Psychologist and Executive Coach
    Founder, Working Resources


    “The comprehensive nature of the CD and toolkit is very helpful for putting together presentations and handout packets with less effort on my part to create from scratch. Rather, I can focus on customization for clients.”

    Joanne Schultz, MS, CCC-SLP, CCM
    Principal, Joanne M. Schultz Consulting, Training & Coaching Services


    Quick Facts

    Consultant- and coach-led seminars, executive coaching

    Administration Time:

    Qualification Level:
    B (North America Only)

    Leadership development, coaching program

    Key Areas Addressed:
    Leadership development through emotional intelligence