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Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA)
Facilitator's GuideParticipant WorkbookThe Self Assessment | Scales and Forms

Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA) is a complete package for conducting a dynamic workshop and assessment designed to introduce EI into any organization—no matter how large or small.

EISA provides the information and tools to conduct a dynamic and meaningful 1 day or 1-½ day workshop, including a Facilitator’s Guide with accompanying USB flash drive, a Participant Workbook, and the EISA Instrument in both Self and 360 formats.


Developed in partnership with Pfeiffer (the same company that brought you the Leadership Practices Inventory,) EISA provides the materials and strategies facilitators need to measure and increase intra- and interpersonal awareness throughout an organization. Built on a proven, scientifically verified framework, the instrument is easy to administer and score, and requires no professional certification.


The Facilitator’s Guide Set contains a flash drive of PowerPoint slides, agendas, scripts, and sample invitation letters, a sample Participant Workbook, and EISA: Self Assessment. Workbooks and assessment components are also sold separately.

Facilitator's Guide

The Facilitator’s Guide is a step-by-step how-to for administering the assessment and workshop. It offers essential information on the background and theory of EI, guidelines for administering and scoring the instrument, and helpful workshop resources such as: 


  • planning checklist
  • supplies, materials and equipment checklist
  • set-up recommendations
  • sample agendas
  • workshop script, and
  • follow-up materials


The accompanying USB flash drive features PowerPoint slides for use in presentations, a PDF of the complete Facilitator’s Guide for quick and easy reference, plus sample letters and forms in easily customizable Microsoft Word format.


Participant Workbook

The workbook features exercises and strategies for cultivating Emotional Intelligence and applying it in day-to-day workplace situations. This resource will help participants:

  • Discover the major components of emotional intelligence
  • Recognize the behaviors and characteristics of emotionally intelligent people
  • Identify areas where they can apply emotional intelligence
  • Evaluate their own emotional strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Generate action steps for improving emotional and social abilities
  • Even after the workshop ends, this workbook serves as a personalized tool for ongoing EI development.
The Self Assessment

The EISA instrument quickly and accurately measures emotional intelligence of both individuals and organizations. This 50-item assessment gauges strengths and areas for development, compares the results to normative data, and indicates areas in the Workbook for relevant activities.

The Self Assessment is offered in printed format from MHS. 

Scales and Forms

EISA measures emotional intelligence based on five core factors, which can be developed to maximize emotional and social functioning:

  •  Perceiving
  •  Managing
  •  Decision making
  •  Achieving
  •  Influencing

The Self Assessment is offered in print from MHS. Online versions of the Self and multi-rater 360 assessments are available from