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Pearman Certification Process

Pearman -Now Available

How Do I Become Certified?

The Pearman Personality Integrator™ (The Pearman™) requires certification in order to gain access to the tool. If you are qualified, please complete the following steps to gain access to The Pearman:

            1.       Click here to access the qualification form

            2.       Complete, sign and scan the qualification form

            3.       Email to customerservice@mhs.com with the scan of the completed form attached

What Does Certification Include?

·         Ability to take the assessment yourself and get feedback from an experienced coach

·         Free tokens which allow you to generate reports after you are certified

·         A certificate that authorizes you to purchase and administer the Pearman

·         A free online account where you administer and score the assessments

·         Access to resources on the Pearman and personality type in general

·         Approved by the International Coach Federation for the following CCE credits: Core Competencies 10.23 & Resource Development 4.83



    ·         Approved by the American Psychological Association for the following CE credits: 14.5



    ·         MHS is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. MHS maintains responsibility for this program and its content.*
    * Please note this Certification Program is conducted by an approved MHS Training Partner (co-sponsor).

    Pearman Certification Program Components

    ·         A blended learning solution that enables you to do parts of the certification online, saving you time and travel costs

    ·         A 2 day interactive in-class portion focused on building the skills you need in order to use the Pearman with confidence: this portion is delivered both in-person or virtually from your own computer

    ·        This portion is delivered both in-person or virtually from your own computer

    ·         An online platform where you access eLearning pre-work as well as the online exam

    ·         A certificate of completion that you automatically access once certification is complete

    Where Do I Get Certified?

    Choose from a global network of MHS-approved Pearman Trainers.

    Certification Learning Objectives

    By the end of the certification program learners will be able to:

    ·         Describe personality type theory

    ·         Describe Carl Jung’s contribution to personality type theory

    ·         Describe the Pearman Personality Integrator (Pearman) model of personality type

    ·         Describe the eight mental functions and give examples of each

    ·         Describe the Flex Index and give examples of each of the scales

    ·         Articulate the differences between natural and demonstrated types

    ·         Describe the components of Part I: Pearman Personality

    ·         Describe the components of the Part II: Pearman Flex Index

    ·         Understand the science behind the Pearman

    ·         Describe best practices around providing feedback on the Pearman

    ·         Interpret a Pearman assessment

    ·         Articulate connections between the Flex Index and Part I: Natural results

    ·         Follow a structured approach to preparing for a feedback session

    ·         Demonstrate the ability to lead an effective feedback session

    ·         Explain the benefits of the Pearman to clients

    ·         Identify the ethics pertaining to the Pearman

    ·         Identify resources available post-certification