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BOEI - Benchmark of Organizational Emotional Intelligence

Technical Information

The development of the BOEI began with general theory as to what constitutes Organizational Emotional Intelligence (OEI). A number of factors were developed to encompass the major components of OEI based on the belief that,

a) these factors were emotional and motivational aspects of employees at work, and
b) these factors were related to job performance.

Items were generated to measure each of the factors and were circulated to experienced organizational and emotional intelligence practitioners for comments and suggestions before the final version was completed and normative data was collected.

Norms are a set of average scores derived from a representative sample of a population. These average scores are used as the basis for comparison to determine an individual or group BOEI score. When a BOEI score is generated, the score is compared to scores obtained from individuals in the normative sample to help determine whether the score is above average, average, or below average, and to what degree.