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BOEI - Benchmark of Organizational Emotional Intelligence


Organizational Report
This report provides a comprehensive profile of the organization as a whole and is suited to senior management, consultants, and key decision makers. It presents amalgamated results from all respondents for the 9 scales and 14 subscales of the BOEI. Areas of strength and weakness are identified and development strategies are provided for areas of relative weakness. The Organizational Report is essential to understanding the BOEI results and is the base report to which flexible Group Reports can be added. One Organizational Report per organization is required to score BOEI results.
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Group Report
Group Reports allow the administrator to customize feedback to the organization based on its unique structure and make-up. Group reports provide top management with pertinent information about groups within the organization to aid in key decisions and planning. Compare administrator-defined groups (e.g., departments, teams, or occupational levels) and compare groups to the overall organization (up to five groups per report). Define your groups prior to administering the BOEI. Purchase multiple Group Reports to assess complex organizational structures.
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Individual Report
This report provides personalized feedback to each respondent, comparing the responses of the individual to the scores of the overall organization (and, optionally, to his or her group). Individual Reports act as a springboard for discussion and professional development, paving the way for understanding and change. This report is confidential and is collected by the respondent via an anonymous Certificate Number. One Individual Report per respondent must be purchased to score an Organizational Report.
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