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Benchmark of Organizational Emotional Intelligence (BOEI)
Scales and Forms

The BOEI is a powerful organizational survey designed to assess the Emotional Intelligence of an organization as a whole as well as across departments, teams, and divisions. Organizational Emotional Intelligence refers to emotional abilities at the organizational or cultural level, and is more than the sum of the individual emotional intelligence levels of those within the organization.

Based on self-reports, the BOEI identifies blind spots around which corrective development strategies can be formulated. When deployed thoughtfully, it provides the basis for improving trust and interaction among individuals, teams, and departments. Team building, leadership development, and planning are among the functions that the BOEI can positively impact.

Personalized feedback enables individuals to compare their own scores against the organization as a whole and their workgroup. In this way, individuals can learn the degree to which they 'fit' and how their thoughts compare to others within the organization.

The BOEI is a scientifically validated tool. For online administrations, you can add up to ten multiple-choice items and two items with open-ended response fields. These items allow respondents to provide a sentence or two about issues specific to the organization.
Scales and Forms

Job Happiness


  • Pay
  • Benefits


Work/Life Stress Management
  • Stability
  • Stress Management
  • Work/Life Balance

Organizational Cohesiveness
  • Coworker Relationships
  • Teamwork


Supervisory Leadership


Diversity and Anger Management
  • Diversity Climate
  • Gender/Racial Acceptance
  • Anger Management

Organizational Responsiveness
  • Training and Innovation
  • Optimism and Integrity
  • Courage and Adaptability
  • Top Management Leadership

Positive Impression


Negative Impression

Quick Facts


Administration Time:
30 minutes

Qualification Level:

  • Online
  • Scoring service